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In the equation above, y 2 - y 1 = Δy, or vertical change, while x 2 - x 1 = Δx, or horizontal change, as shown in the graph provided.It can also be seen that Δx and Δy are line segments that form a right triangle with hypotenuse d, with d being the distance between the points (x 1, y 1) and (x 2, y 2). Also Find Equation of Parabola Passing Through three Points - Step by Step Solver. This calculator is based on solving a system of three equations in three variables How to Use the Calculator 1 - Enter the x and y coordinates of three points A, B and C and press "enter". We now have y expressed as a function of x, and we can substitute this expression for y in the formula for total area A. A = 2xy = 2x (400 -4x/3). We need to find the value of x that makes A as large as possible. A is a quadratic function of x, and the graph opens downward, so the highest point on the graph of A is the vertex. The solutions of this equation are called the roots of the polynomial, or the zeros of the associated function (they correspond to the points where the graph of the function meets the x-axis). A number a is a root of a polynomial P if and only if the linear polynomial x − a divides P, that is if there is another polynomial Q such that P = (x ...