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◾ Servo Motors (Low DC) ◾ Servo Drives (DC Input). Motor Torque Calculation. Conversion Calculator. ProTuner for High Voltage Brushless Servos Drives.MOONS' high-torque brushless servo motors come in a 40, 60, or 80 mm frame size, along with a 10,000 count incremental commutating encoder and an IP65 rating M2DC Series Low-Voltage Servo Motors with DC winding are designed for high-performance applications, rated for 24-80 VDC input.JYQD-V7.3E3 12V-36V brushless DC motor driver circuit board. ATTENTION: 1: This brushless DC motor driver board is widely apply to DC Brushless with Hall sensor (120°angle) three-wire motors 2:please make sure to add heat sink when the output power more than 60W.